5 Tips For Lasik Recovery

Laser eye correction, or Lasik, can restore your good vision and greatly improve your quality of life. Although it is a minimally invasive procedure, it does require some recovery time. Knowing the best ways to navigate recovery can ensure quick healing and no problems.

1. Prepare to Take It Easy

Taking it easy in the days following the procedure helps with recovery, but taking steps to help with the rest period before Lasik is a must. Pick up any prescriptions you may need after your Lasik ahead of time — you don't want to be waiting in a pharmacy right after the surgery. It's also a good idea to stock the fridge with some easy-to-prepare meals that you can simply reheat. Recruit a friend or family member to help you with any small tasks that may come up in the few days following your procedure, just in case you need assistance.

2. Avoid All Eye Strain

You need to rest your eyes after the procedure. Most people go home and take a nap. The main thing is to avoid anything that can cause strain. Don't watch TV, use your phone or computer, or try to read. If you can't sleep, relaxing with an audiobook is a good way to rest with closed eyes as your eyes begin to recover from the Lasik procedure. 

3. Skip Makeup for Awhile

Makeup contains all sorts of small irritants that can get into your eye. Eye makeup, like mascara and eye shadow, is especially prone to causing irritation. Avoid wearing makeup, especially around the eyes, for at least a week following your procedure. You can resume wearing eye makeup once your eye doctor gives the okay at your post-Lasik follow-up appointment.

4. Protect Against Outside Stresses

The great outdoors is a great place to avoid screen time in the days following your procedure, but you will need to take extra care until your eyes are finished healing. Avoid swimming, since bacteria in lakes and oceans or chemicals in pool water can lead to irritation and eye infection. You should also wear dark sunglasses for at least two weeks following Lasik so the sun doesn't result in eye irritation and strain.

5. Follow Through on Follow-Ups

Follow your doctor's instructions precisely when it comes to using eye drops, taking medications, and avoiding certain activities during recovery. Don't skip medications, even if your eyes feel fine. Further, make sure to attend all follow-up appointments so your doctor can properly assess the recovery of your vision and your healing from the procedure.

Talk to your doctor if you have further questions about your Lasik procedure.