Is Vision Linked To Your Child’s Reading Level?

In a 2018 study published by the University of Waterloo in Canada, researchers reported the link between your child's vision and their reading level. Researchers found that elementary school children who read below their grade level might have problems with their eyesight. What's even more intriguing is that the researchers even noticed these trends if standardized eye exams showed that a child had 20/20 vision.  What the Study Found Researchers reported that standard eye exams don't always include binocular vision assessment. Read More 

Understanding When To Take Your Child To An Eye Doctor

When you have children, their health and wellness become one of your top priorities. As a parent, you most likely want to know when your child should have an appointment with different health care professionals. Continue reading to learn more about when you should take your child to see an eye doctor: Regular Check Ups Just like seeing a pediatrician for a well check, kids should see an eye doctor annually to have their vision checked. Read More