Why Are Your Eyes Watery?

Watery eyes could be due to a lot of different things, one of which could be an eye infection. If your eyes are watering a lot, you should get to the optometrist for an eye exam to rule out anything that may end up causing you further eye issues. Read on for other reasons why your eyes may be watery.

You Have Something In It

You could have something in your eyes that is causing them to water. If you feel like you have sand in your eye, it could be that you actually have an obstruction in your eye. If you have an eye obstruction, you need to rinse your eyes out with water and flush the object out of your eye. Attempting to get whatever it is out with your fingers can cause you to scratch your cornea and leave you with eye or vision damage that could be permanent. Instead, get to your sink and keeping your eye open, splash water into your eye. If you aren't able to get the obstruction out on your own, get to the emergency room or to your optometrist for help.

You Have Allergies

An allergy to anything airborne can cause your eyes to water, especially allergies to pollen and dust/dander. If you have an allergy, but you aren't aware of it, you may experience watery eyes and also itch or burn, and may even swell during allergy season, or if you are around a lot of dust/dander, such as from someone's pet. Allergy medication can usually help clear this up, but you should seek advice from an eye care center before using allergy medication.

You Have Eye Strain

You may have watery eyes and burn from eye strain. Eye strain can be caused by squinting to see because of the sunlight or even to see your computer screen. If you have eye strain, you may also experience other issues such as headaches and neck or shoulder pain as well. If you have eye strain, you should be sure you are doing what you can to protect your eyes from this strain. Take breaks from the computer screen, or other device screens, and make sure you are wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sunlight. An eye care center can also explain how to block blue light from screens. 

If you have watery eyes, it can make seeing clearly difficult. If you have watery eyes, go to a local eye care center for an exam and checkup to get your eyes treated properly.